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Scheherezade’s Arabian Nights

27 June 2022–2 July 2022

Leicester Drama Society

Main House


A long time ago, an angry Sultan vowed to take his revenge on all treacherous women by each evening taking a new bride, but seeing her killed before dawn the next day.

Only the Vizier’s daughter, Scheherezade, can keep such bloodshed at bay, by keeping the Sultan enraptured at her night-time stories of adventure and wonder.

Stories of powerful jinees and humble townsfolk, quick-witted thieves and head-strong princes, nimble pick-pockets and out-smarted kings… ‘The Leg of Mutton’, ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’, ‘The Fisherman and the Brass Bottle’ and ‘The True Heart’. From the souks of Baghdad to the shores of the Arabian Sea, journey with us to ancient Arabia to hear some of Scheherezade’s astounding tales… and find out if she can herself escape the Sultan’s wrath.

Ticket information

Standard £15.00

Concessions £13.50


Premium £16.00

Credits & acknowledgements

By Jeremy Thompson and Jane Rowland

Directed by Jeremy Thompson

This amateur production of Schehrezade’s Arabian Nights is presented by arrangement with Troubador Publishing Ltd.

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