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ConstellationsLeicester Drama Society
HandbaggedLeicester Drama Society
ABBA SensationGrey Cat Company
Round the HorneApollo Theatre Company
LGS Big BandLeicester Grammar School
David Bolton Hypnosis ShowDavid Bolton
A Bunch of AmateursLeicester Drama Society
Salad DaysLast Word Productions
Up ‘n’ UnderLeicester Drama Society
PinocchioLDS Youth Theatre
Dead GuiltyLeicester Drama Society
Ceri Dupree: Blonde for Danger!Ceri Dupree
Jersey Beats: Oh What a Nite!Viva Entertainments
John ShuttleworthRBM Comedy
Rabbit HoleLeicester Drama Society
Sister ActWAOS
A Comedy of TenorsLeicester Drama Society
Scheherezade’s Arabian NightsLeicester Drama Society
AladdinLeicester Drama Society


Chariots of Fire (2021)

Audition notices for all LDS productions are posted on this webpage in advance of auditions. If you are thinking of auditioning for any show, then you are strongly advised to obtain a copy of the relevant script from the theatre office well in advance. A £5 deposit will be required when a script is signed out for an audition, refundable when you return the script to the theatre office after the audition.


Up ‘n’ Under

UP’N’UNDER by John Godber, Performing from 14 – 19 MARCH 2022 Little Theatre, Leicester
Due to circumstances, I urgently need two experienced actors for this production, which starts rehearsing on 30 January. The play is a comedy set in the world of amateur rugby league, and the parts are:
Phil – an English teacher & ex- Loughborough Uni player who now plays in a pub team. Age late 20s – late 30s. Team position  Stand-off. Appears throughout the play. Has a long monologue in 2nd half. Able to sing with rest of his team-mates.
Reg – ebullient, successful manager of an unbeaten pub team. Age 40s – 60. Appears only in 2 scenes in first half, so rehearsal commitment until later stages will be small.
Rehearsals will be on Sunday afternoons, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday eves until 19 Feb when Wednesday changes to Thursday eves.
If interested, please text or call the director Jo Jones on 07591 219230, without delay, but not before checking you are free for the week of performance.

Scheherezade’s Arabian Nights

Scheherezade’s Arabian Nights by Jane Rowland and Jeremy Thompson

Directed by Jeremy Thompson

Auditions for Scheherezade’s Arabian Nights will be held on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th February in the Moira Haywood Studio at 7.00pm.

This new telling of some classic Arabian Nights stories combines humour and drama, music and dance, and is set firmly in ancient Arabia. With a couple of exceptions, most actors will take a part in each of the four stories told. Parts include:

Scheherezade – teller of tales, female 20-30.
Shahryar, the Sultan – all-powerful ruler, male 30-70
Dinya’zad – Scheherezade’s younger sister, female 18-30.
The Vizier – advisor to the Sultan, male or female, 30-70
Prince Alee – petulant prince, male 20-40

The above will also play several other of the roles below, or some of these parts may become stand-alone depending on who auditions:

Jinee 1 (male or female, any age)
Amina (female, 30-60)
Jinee 2 (male or female, any age)
King Al-Mundir (male, 40-70)
Captain of the Thieves (male or female, 40-60)
Akil (male, 40-65)
Hussan (male, 40-65)
Fisherman (male, 30-60)
Ali Baba (male, 20-40)
Plus dancers, thieves, wedding feast revellers, and various vagabonds.

Production Dates are 27th June – 2nd July.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming along. Telephone or text: 07973 436654 or contact me via email Scripts are available from the theatre Box Office from 19th January onwards, or email me and I can send you a PDF copy. If you would like to audition but cannot make it for either of the dates above, then please still get in touch.

This is not panto…! But it is a lot of fun and will be a show that combines storytelling with spectacular lighting, sound and staging to create a bit of ancient Arabia in Dover Street.

Jeremy Thompson, Director

Comedy of Tenors

Comedy of Tenors by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Martin Bell

Auditions for Comedy of Tenors will be held on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th February in the Haywood Studio at 7.30pm.

Calling all actors who have stamina and can do an American/Italian/Russian accent! We’re putting on this breathtaking comedy early in the summer and the following roles are up for grabs:

Saunders – Broadway producer, male, 40-60 years, American accent required.
Max – clumsy, wannabe opera-singer, male, 25-35 years. American accent and singing voice required
Tito – fading opera-singer, male, 40-60. Italian accent and singing voice required
Maria – feisty, long-suffering wife to Tito, female, 40—50, Italian accent required.
Mimi – budding actress, daughter of Tito and Maria, 18-25, female, American accent required.
Carlo – up and coming Italian opera star and ladies man, 20-30, male, Italian accent and singing voice required
Racon – glamorous but fading Russian opera-star, 30-40, female, Russian accent required.

Production Dates are 6th-11th June.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming along. Telephone: 079 144 03 144 or contact me via email If you would like to audition but cannot make it for either of the dates above then please still get in touch. Hope to see you at the auditions! It’s going to be a blast.

Martin Bell, Director

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abair

Directed by Paul Beasley

Auditions for Rabbit Hole will be held on Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th January in the Haywood Studio at 7.30pm. This is a beautiful and powerful piece set in modern-day New York State about a family dealing with tragedy, and all roles will give the actors something to really get their teeth into.

The parts are as follows:

Becca:     Female. Late Thirties / Early Forties.

Howie:    Male. Late Thirties / Early Forties

Izzy:         Female. Early Thirties (Becca’s sister)

Nat:         Female. Mid-Sixties (Becca’s Mother)

Jason:      Male. Seventeen-ish.

Production Dates are 16th-21st May.

Director Paul Beasley encourages anyone to audition, and if you are interested in auditioning, please let him know in advance by dropping an email at or by sending a text message or WhatsApp on 07771 747949. Apologies in advance if I don’t contact each of you back in advance, because I’ll be a bit busy rehearsing and/or performing Constellations before this, but rest assured I’ll have registered your interest. Look forward to seeing you.

Paul Beasley, Director